Solidarity Economy St. Louis is a network of groups and individuals striving to grow an economy that embodies the values of justice, sustainability, self-determination, and cooperation. When the coronavirus pandemic began, Solidarity Economy St. Louis anchored the launch of the STL Mutual Aid network, connecting St. Louisans to one another for support. The Mutual Aid network is just one example of the need and the potential for a “solidarity economy” – in other words, an economy which resists the notion of “every person for themselves.” Engaging in mutual aid is a way of embodying the beliefs that we all truly depend on one another’s survival for our own survival and that, together, we can thrive. Solidarity Economy St. Louis is continuing to grow their network, educate the St. Louis community about the principles of solidarity, and lift up the leadership of those who are most impacted by financial hardship. We are grateful for their efforts to make our region a more compassionate, equitable, and consciously interrelated place.